Are you in search of a reliable fitness tracker that not only monitors your daily activity but also provides advanced features to enhance your fitness journey? Look no further as the Fastrack Reflex Beat Pro Fitness Tracker might just be the perfect fit for you. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the key features, design, performance, and user experience of the Fastrack Reflex Beat Pro to help you make an informed decision.

Key Features

The Fastrack Reflex Beat Pro is packed with an array of features that cater to both fitness enthusiasts and casual users. Some of the standout features include:

1. Heart Rate Monitoring: One of the essential features of any fitness tracker is the ability to monitor your heart rate continuously. The Reflex Beat Pro excels in this aspect, providing accurate heart rate data throughout the day.

2. Blood Oxygen Level Monitoring: Monitoring your blood oxygen levels is crucial for understanding your overall health and fitness levels. The Reflex Beat Pro includes a SpO2 sensor to measure blood oxygen saturation levels accurately.

3. Sleep Tracking: Quality sleep is vital for overall well-being, and the Reflex Beat Pro helps you track your sleep patterns effectively. By providing insights into your sleep stages, it helps you make necessary adjustments for better sleep quality.

4. Activity Tracking: From step counting to calorie tracking, the Reflex Beat Pro covers a wide range of activities to help you stay on top of your fitness goals. Whether you’re into running, cycling, or yoga, this tracker has you covered.

5. Workout Modes: With dedicated workout modes for various activities, you can track your workouts more accurately and get real-time metrics to analyze your performance.

6. Notifications and Alerts: Stay connected on the go with call and message notifications right on your wrist. The Reflex Beat Pro ensures you never miss an important notification during your workouts or daily routine.


The design of the Reflex Beat Pro is sleek and sporty, making it suitable for both fitness and everyday wear. The adjustable strap ensures a comfortable fit, while the lightweight build adds to the overall convenience of wearing it all day long. The bright and vibrant touchscreen display is easy to navigate, even in bright sunlight, making it user-friendly for individuals of all ages.


When it comes to performance, the Fastrack Reflex Beat Pro excels in providing accurate and reliable data. Whether you’re tracking your heart rate during a high-intensity workout or monitoring your sleep patterns throughout the night, this fitness tracker delivers consistent results. The long battery life ensures that you can go days without needing a recharge, making it ideal for active individuals on the go.

User Experience

The user experience of the Reflex Beat Pro is seamless and intuitive. With easy synchronization to the Fastrack app, you can view detailed insights into your activity, set goals, and track your progress over time. The app interface is user-friendly, allowing you to customize settings, view notifications, and access additional features effortlessly.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Is the Fastrack Reflex Beat Pro waterproof?
  2. Yes, the Reflex Beat Pro comes with an IP68 rating, making it waterproof and suitable for use during water-based activities.

  3. Can I track my menstrual cycle with the Reflex Beat Pro?

  4. Unfortunately, the Reflex Beat Pro does not offer menstrual cycle tracking features at the moment.

  5. Does the Reflex Beat Pro have GPS functionality?

  6. No, the Reflex Beat Pro relies on connected GPS from your smartphone to track outdoor activities.

  7. Is the heart rate monitoring feature accurate during intense workouts?

  8. The heart rate monitoring on the Reflex Beat Pro is generally accurate, but it might have slight inaccuracies during high-intensity workouts.

  9. Can I change the wristband of the Reflex Beat Pro?

  10. Yes, the wristbands of the Reflex Beat Pro are interchangeable, allowing you to customize the look based on your preference.

In conclusion, the Fastrack Reflex Beat Pro Fitness Tracker is a versatile and feature-packed device that caters to a wide range of fitness and health tracking needs. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking to step up your workout game or someone who wants to keep a closer eye on their daily activities, the Reflex Beat Pro offers a comprehensive solution in a stylish package. With its advanced features, reliable performance, and user-friendly interface, this fitness tracker is definitely worth considering for your fitness journey.