The MyGov Pariksha Pe Charcha is an annual event in India where Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacts with students, teachers, and parents before the board exams to provide them with guidance, tips, and motivation. This event aims to reduce the stress and anxiety associated with exams and to inspire the participants to perform their best. Here’s everything you need to know about the MyGov Pariksha Pe Charcha event:

Understanding MyGov Pariksha Pe Charcha

MyGov Pariksha Pe Charcha, which translates to “Discussion on Exams,” is an initiative to address the exam-related stress that students often face. The event involves a speech by PM Modi, interactive sessions, and discussions on dealing with exam pressure. The Prime Minister shares his own experiences and advises students on handling stress, staying focused, and performing well in exams.

Importance of MyGov Pariksha Pe Charcha

  1. Motivation: The event serves as a source of motivation for students preparing for exams, encouraging them to give their best without succumbing to pressure.

  2. Stress Management: Through discussions and interactions, students learn about effective stress management techniques that can help them perform better in exams.

  3. Guidance: PM Modi’s insights and tips provide valuable guidance to students, teachers, and parents on overcoming challenges and achieving academic success.

Key Highlights of MyGov Pariksha Pe Charcha

  • Interaction with PM: Participants get a unique opportunity to interact with the Prime Minister, ask questions, and seek advice on exam preparation.

  • Sharing Experiences: PM Modi shares anecdotes and personal experiences to inspire and motivate students to face exams with confidence.

  • Pan-India Participation: Students from all over India can join the event either in person or through live broadcasts, making it an inclusive and nationwide initiative.

Tips from MyGov Pariksha Pe Charcha

  1. Effective Time Management: Allocate time wisely for studying, revision, breaks, and relaxation to ensure optimal productivity.

  2. Healthy Lifestyle: Maintain a balanced routine with adequate sleep, exercise, and nutritious diet to support your overall well-being.

  3. Positive Mindset: Stay positive, believe in yourself, and avoid negative thoughts that can hamper your performance.

Involvement of Schools and Institutions

Schools and educational institutions play a crucial role in promoting and facilitating participation in the MyGov Pariksha Pe Charcha event. They encourage students to attend and engage with the discussions, organize related activities, and follow up on the learnings from the event to create a supportive exam environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When is the MyGov Pariksha Pe Charcha event usually held?
– The event is typically held before the board exams to provide students with guidance and motivation.

2. How can students participate in the event?
– Students can participate by registering through the official MyGov website or by attending the event at designated venues.

3. What are the benefits of attending MyGov Pariksha Pe Charcha?
– Attending the event can help students gain insights, motivation, and practical tips for exam preparation and stress management.

4. Can parents and teachers also participate in MyGov Pariksha Pe Charcha?
– Yes, parents and teachers are encouraged to participate in the event to understand the challenges students face and support them effectively.

5. How long does the event typically last?
– The duration of the event may vary, but it generally includes the Prime Minister’s speech, interactive sessions, and discussions with participants.

In conclusion, MyGov Pariksha Pe Charcha is a significant initiative that aims to empower students, teachers, and parents with the tools and mindset needed to excel in exams while maintaining well-being. By addressing exam-related stress and providing guidance, the event contributes to a positive exam experience and sets the stage for academic success.